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music and sound production projects.

Welcome to Endlore

At Endlore Music & Sound, we believe in the music in motion.

We are based in London and ready to fulfill your music and sound production needs. Learn more about who we are below.

Let's Make Music

We will work together to create the best music or sound production that suits your needs perfectly. With Endlore, your music is guaranteed to get the recognition it deserves. Learn more about our works and how we can add value to your projects below.


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The Club

The Club is an Original Netflix Series drama directed by Zeynep Günay Tan and Seren Yüce. The series' soundtrack was composed under Ender Akay's leadership with the composers Cem Ergunoğlu and Mert Koral.

The series's first season streamed in 190 countries and seven different languages via Netflix. Endlore Music and Sound (London) produced the soundtrack album, and Netflix Music, LLC (Los Angeles) made its worldwide digital distribution.  

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