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  • Ender Akay

Music In Motion

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The journey of music through script.

In this online workshop, we will examine how music affects the editing processes of its relationship with the story, the role it plays in the filming and editing phase, and the stages it goes through, starting from the scriptwriting stage.

In this process, music takes its final form with various changes such as the same scenario and image. Our main approach will be to use examples of music as one of the binding elements of film editing, which has an eclectic structure, and its effect on the story with its psychoacoustic elements and power. Students participating in the workshop are expected to produce music on images using various selected sample scenes from movies, TV series or short films, etc. Our next step will be on the interpretation, discussion and, if necessary, reconstruction of these produced music.

The first aim of this workshop is to examine the music production for the image in detail from the scenario stage to the final mix. The secondary aim is to ensure that musicians who produce or want to produce music with a career-oriented approach, have a strong grasp of the functioning of professional processes.

In addition, communication and information sharing established while working with industry professionals (Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor and Sound engineers) are among the topics we will examine.

The journey of music through image

1. The place of music in the script and the story stage

(Producer, director, screenwriter, musician meetings and communication at all stages)

2. Production process before and after shooting

3.Music recording and mixing

4. The stages of the music in the film editing stage

5. Music design on finished editing (3 golden rules: right time, right music, right level)

6. Final mix

7. Interpretation and discussion of the music produced for the workshop.

Q&A phase.


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